***BUBBLES- Not the fun, soapy kind - the protective kind!***

As you will already be aware, the current government guidance relating to the safe running of children’s activities requires us to keep children in groups of 15 & ensure that those groups do not mix.

Q. What does this mean for FUNkSTREET kids classes?

Now that we have settled into a rhythm and the children are familiar with the new procedures in place we have re-evaluated the layout and set up of the dance studio. We believe we can safely take up to 15 children each week at our Thursday and Friday kids street dance class based on the capacity of the venue we are using and the 2m rule. Because our classes are a drop in style, once 15 different children have attended a specific class we will stop allowing new registrations to that class & look to open other classes. This will enable us to create additional bubbles and therefore continue to provide a safe environment for your children to dance and have fun in!

Q. What happens if there is a confirmed/unconfirmed case of COVID-19?

❗️If there is a confirmed case at our classes, the bubble will need to close and isolate. If this happens we would look to run classes online for 2 weeks so no one misses out on class! 😊

❗️If your child is sent home from school & told to isolate for 10-14 days because there is a confirmed case in their school bubble, your child cannot come to classes during that time - EVEN if they have had a negative test or no symptoms.

❗️If a child’s sibling/household is isolating under advice of NHS Track & Trace or their school but remains well with no symptoms, they CAN still come to classes & the bubble can remain open.

❗️If someone in your child’s household (not the child themselves) has a positive test but your child remains symptomless the bubble does NOT have to close but your child will need a to isolate with you & CANNOT attend classes in that time.

❗️If a child who comes to classes has symptoms but no positive test the bubble can remain open until the results have been confirmed. However, that child CANNOT attend classes while they are waiting for their results.

❗️If someone in your household has symptoms please do not bring your child to class until you know the outcome of a test.

I apologise that the above sounds quite harsh but, In order to protect the wellbeing of all participants, it is vital that parents/carers inform us if they, or their children have symptoms, are isolating due to a school/other setting bubble requesting you do so, or if there is a positive/potential case in your household and you are awaiting test results.

Other useful updates:

- Children are now dropped off at the entrance and I will walk them all round to the dance studio together. This means parents/carers no longer need to enter the building.

- If you are running late, please bring your child to the side entrance (where you would normally collect your child at the end of class) and they can enter there.

- FUNkSTREET now has an NHS Track & Trace QR code which you can scan and check in with using the new NHS Covid-19 App. You are only required to scan this if you are entering the building but can I encourage you to download the app and scan the QR code regardless - it's a good habit to get in to as these codes are being used by most businesses now :)

- One of the government guidelines I am required to follow is keeping windows and doors open during class to provide adequate ventillation. As the winter months set in it's likely to get colder in the dance studio so please do send you child with an additional layer or two that they can put on if they feel cold.

On a personal note, thank you so much for your continued patience and support. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. I am commited to ensuring your children are kept safe while attending classes so any feedback is welcomed! It is likely that things will continually need to change in line with the governments latest advice but I am confident that we can make it a simple and enjoyable experience.

Leila x


UPDATE - 27th August 2020


I'm thrilled to be sending this update out because......FUNkSTREET is back and we're ready to get dancing again!

Back in early March, if you'd have told me the world would experience a pandemic and that everything would quite literally grind to a hault for 4 months then I'd have laughed - A LOT! But that's the reality of what happened - eveything stopped and quite honestly, I didn't know where to start to get things up and running again.

So, "What have you spent the last 4 months doing" I hear you ask!? Well, like many of us, not as much as I'd have liked but we did manage to launch some awesome FUNkSTREET branded clothing, run over 50 live Funky at 5 sessions, host some fabulous virtual dance parties, and most recently, begun running some outdoor face to face 1:1 lessons.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding as we have navigated our way through the craziness and for sticking with us! Your support has been amazing and I personally cannot wait to start dancing face to face with you all again.

We are now in a position to offer 1:1 private lessons and our wedding 'first dance' lessons again. Our regular kids and adults street dance classes are resuming on Friday 11th September at Richard Taunton Sixth Form College (SO15). We’ve been working hard to make sure that you and your children will be safe when you return to face to face classes or private lessons with us. With that in mind, all of our regular weekly classes will be 45 minutes long and places will be limited, allocated on a first come first serve basis. We now have a brand new booking system which will allow you to book and pay for weekly classes, 1:1's and wedding 'first dance' lessons online. You can check it out by clicking the buton below.
Book online

As it stands, the government guidelines still don't allow for indoor celebrations or parties to be held as it is difficult to maintain social distancing or avoid close social interaction. However, there's nothing to stop us having 'virtual' parties or outdoor 'garden' parties (with a small number of people) so if you've got a birthday celebration, hen party or another occassion coming up and you're looking for a fun activity then why not consider having a dance party with us? Use the enquiry form on our Contact page to get in touch or head over to our social media channels to send us a DM.

If you'd like to see our COVID-19 Risk Assesment you can view it here. COVID-19 Risk Assessment.

That's it for now folks! Happy Dancing :)

COVID-19 UPDATE - March 2020

It is with great sadness and disappointment that I'm writing to you today to let you know that, in light of Mondays government announcement and the new guidelines to avoid any 'non-essential' social contact, I have had to make the very difficult, yet appropriate decision to suspend all weekly FUNkSTREET kids and adults street dance classes with immediate effect until further notice. The safety and health of those attending my classes is my top priority and so I feel this is the best course of action to ensure that happens and I am carefully following recommendations from the World Health Organisation and the UK Government to make sure it stays that way.

I will keep you updated as and when things change! For now, 1:1's, wedding dance lessons, parties and private lessons will continue to run until further guidance is issued, providing both parties are healthy and happy to continue. If you would like to book any of the above sessions for you or your child then please do not hesitate to email me on funkstreetdance@gmail.com.

Thank you for your patience and understanding at this difficult time. Keep an eye on our social media over the next couple of weeks as I hope to create some fun online sessions to keep spirits lifted and to keep us dancing!!

Stay safe and, while we wait for this storm to pass, dance it out in your living room!!

Leila xx